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Skincare brand develops special sunscreen for child with rare disease

NIVEA developer Beiersdorf has tailored a unique suncreen product, specially made for a girl with a rare genetic light disease.

Four-year-old Charlotte, who lives near Münster, Germany, was born with EPP.

When Charlotte’s skin comes into direct contact with the visible, coloured components of sunlight, a genetic defect causes neuropathic pain and triggers burns on the skin.

Even as a baby, the child suffered and cried out when the sunlight touched her skin, so her parents did everything they could to find help.

The family they reached out to NIVEA and a research project was launched for an innovative cosmetic sunscreen to help Charlotte.

The research was led by Chief Scientist for Photobiology at Beiersdorf Dr Ludger Kolbe and his team.

Dr Kolbe said:

“With the high standards of skin protection that we at NIVEA pursue, we are delighted that we were able to find a special solution for Charlotte.

“With her personal sunscreen, she still has to be careful in the sun, but can spend a little longer playing outside with her friends.”

Research results on visible, high-energy light showed that special light-scattering pigments need to be added to the special cosmetic sunscreen.

This can prevent the light from penetrating the skin, allowing Charlotte to be exposed to sunlight for a short period of time so she enjoy a better quality of life.

Charlotte’s father, Johannes Hesseling, said:

“The NIVEA brand and the Beiersdorf Research and Development did everything possible to find a solution for Charlotte.

“When we saw Charlotte laughing in the sun after applying the cream for the first time, we were overwhelmed.”

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