Ford takes step toward achieving its climate goals with new solar power plant

Ford is adding a new solar power plant to its manufacturing facilities in Valencia, Spain, as part of its commitment to an all-electric, climate-neutral future.

Ford installs new solar power plant in Spain

The new 2.8 MW solar panel installation at Ford’s Spain plant is now capable of generating 4,641 MWh per year, or roughly enough to power 1,400 homes.

Starting this summer, Ford plans to expand the solar plant by an additional 3,768 MWh per year (enough for about 1,100 average homes). By 2024, the company is targeting close to 10 MW of peak power, including potentially installing solar panels on the factory roofs.

Stuart Southgate, director of sustainable, environmental, and safety engineering at Ford Europe, says:

Now, more than ever, we all realise the need to use renewable energy sources. As we move to an all-electric future and carbon neutrality across our manufacturing footprint at Ford, investments in innovations like this new solar power plant in Valencia creating new self-supplied renewable energy, which is an important contribution in our ongoing ambition to help build a better world.

According to the press release, all electric energy used at the Ford plant in Almussafes comes from clean energy sources from January 1, 2022. Meanwhile, all electric energy purchased to power Ford’s manufacturing plants in Europe is already 100% sourced from renewable energy.

Ford is committed to having 100% zero-emission electric vehicle sales in Europe and is striving to achieve carbon neutrality across its European facilities and supplier network by 2035.

Globally, Ford aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, focusing on three key areas – ramping up electric vehicle production, working with suppliers, and transitioning the company’s facilities to renewable energy.

Last summer, Ford announced it would be sourcing 650 MW of solar energy from DTE Energy, the largest purchase agreement of its kind, as it works to add clean energy capacity.

In addition, the company joined forces with General Motors, Google, RMI, and several solar energy companies to establish the Virtual Power Plant Partnership. The partnership aims to shape policy going forward around virtual power plants, which use clean energy devices like electric vehicles, solar panels, and smart electric heaters to reduce power consumption during peak energy consumption periods.

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