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Health tech start-up Inicio Health launches first product – htn

Inicio Health, a health tech start-up founded by James Davis, former Royal Free London chief innovation officer, and Amanda Sparkes, former Royal Free London has launched its first product.

The company is on a mission to deliver “clinically led, patient centred, innovatively delivered, digital products for health” and has launched a dynamic forms tool to support healthcare organisations on their digital journey.

Use cases for the tool include informed consent, pre-operative assessment and outpatient workflow. The company said its Dynamic Forms solution will “enable Cerner Millennium clients to host native dynamic forms” and that it “replicates and replaces any paper based form directly into the patient record, with data created, presented and stored directly.”

James Davis said to HTN: “Inicio Health is excited to announce the release of a dynamic form builder for Cerner Millennium. This revolutionary tool allows clinical teams to digitise any form directly into the electronic health record, streamlining the process of informed consent, pre-operative assessment, and outpatient workflow.

“With the ability to be signed digitally by both clinicians and patients, this form builder eliminates workflow challenges and improves data accuracy within the electronic health record. This innovative solution is designed to drive adoption and improve patient care, making it easier for healthcare providers to access and manage patient information.

“The dynamic form builder for Cerner Millennium is just one example of our dedication to improving patient care and making healthcare more efficient and effective and the first in a line of Cerner MPage innovations to be released.”

To find out more, visit the Inicio Health website here.

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