This slide-in camper designed for electric trucks will be a must-have for your next adventure

EarthCruiser, an Oregon-based adventure vehicle manufacturer, is designing a slide-in camper specifically for electric trucks to instantly upgrade your next adventure.

EarthCruiser is creating a slide-in camper for electric trucks

Some brands are embracing the change as the transition to zero-emission electric mobility accelerates. EarthCruiser says it has seen the shift to EVs coming for years. The company’s founder, Lance Gillies, says:

We have been keenly following the evolution of EV vehicles and have been waiting until the time is right and the time is now. We are a company that loves to discover, innovate, and test, over and over until we get it right. Our deep expertise in building world-renowned expedition vehicles makes it easier for us to roll into electric platforms compared to competitors.

To keep up with the trend, the company says it’s expanding into overlanding products for electric vehicles, in particular trucks.

EarthCruiser says with a “smooth ride, breathtaking power, and unbelievable off-road capabilities,” EVs open new doors in the overlapping market. From what you can see, the camper will feature a full pop-up expanding roof design, providing plenty of living space.

It also appears to include solar panels, which can help charge your electric truck on the go and off the grid. EarthCruise is working with “key domestic automotive manufacturers” as it progresses with the design.

The company is only releasing a teaser for the slide-in camper at the moment, with more details expected this year. However, they are working with potential buyers to find the right accessory for them as part of their fully refundable $100 deposit program. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more.

Electrek’s Take

The idea of a removable camper for electric trucks is not necessarily new, but seeing brands transition their businesses for the EV era is something to watch unfold.

Several companies have designed bed-embedded campers for the Tesla Cybertruck, like Space Campers’ $24,000 option with a toilet, bed, and kitchen included. Or, Cyberlander, which is creating one to fit flush with the Cybertruck, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing drag.

In addition, Loki Expedition has launched its Basecamp – Rivian edition, specifically designed to fit the R1T.

With several new electric trucks set to hit the market, like the RAM Revolution, Tesla Cybertruck, and Silverado EV, to name a few, removable campers like this could be game-changing for the explorers out there. I might have to buy an electric truck just to take advantage of the adventures I could take with one of these.

With all these companies working to develop one, we should see at least one of them hit production soon.

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