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Vitaminology Leads the Way in Corporate Wellness – Digital Health Technology News

Vitaminology is advancing corporate wellness by providing innovative tools and resources to improve employee diet and nutrition. Employees who join the platform have access to a variety of premium tools such as 1 to 1 nutrition consultations, nutrition talks, articles about health conditions, an instant chat module to answer questions about diet, as well as a supplement directory designed to help users find the perfect supplement.

Developed by leading nutritional therapists, the Vitaminology platform offers employers a simple and easy way to help their employees improve their nutrition and lifestyle, ultimately helping bring wellness to the workplace.  The platform offers several layers of support, including;

  1. Video Consultations – personalised, one-to-one video consultations with a Nutritional Therapist to provide dietary guidance, lifestyle support and a personalised health optimisation plan.
  2. Lunch & Learns – group presentations with a Q&A session, to discuss topical health concerns where nutrition plays a vital role such as mental health and the menopause.
  3. Ask the Expert – the quick and easy way to get questions answered about personal health concerns from specialist registered nutritional therapists.

The above is supported by access to a library of articles across 70 different health categories including everything from gut health and cholesterol to sexual health and weight management. The supplement directory provides access to 45,000 supplements and a suite of tools to help Vitaminology’s members find the right supplement for their individual needs.

Nicholas Wodtke, Founder of Vitaminology comments, “Two thirds of all disease is directly attributed to diet and lifestyle, yet nutritional support can be hard to find in the workplace.”

Mike Murphy, Chief Nutritionist at Vitaminology added, “Providing diet and lifestyle advice to employees can help to unlock the door to resolving many broader health and wellbeing issues such as absenteeism, anxiety in the workplace and navigating the complexity of working from home.”

Companies who join Vitaminology’s platform show enhanced employee engagement, reduced absences, higher productivity, improved mental health and a happier workforce.

Vitaminoloy has also launched a new bite-sized podcast called “How to Turn Your People into Well Beings” where senior HR leaders answer three quick-fire questions about nutritional wellness in the workplace.

In mid 2023, Vitaminology will publish the TOP 100 Vitamins and Supplements. These vitamins and supplements will be selected across multiple categories by an independent and neutral panel of the UK’s top accredited nutritional therapists.

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