Tesla makes a massive investment in service in California

Tesla is making a massive investment in vehicle service in California with a significant hiring ramp as demand rises following price cuts.

After a short hiring freeze in many departments, Tesla is picking up its hiring efforts again, and it posted a flurry of new jobs in service in California today.

Electrek spotted that Tesla posted 89 new vehicle service jobs in California.

Here are just a few examples of the almost 100 new jobs in service that Tesla listed in California:

Several of the jobs also involve Tesla’s collision repair, which has been expanding with new collision centers in the US as the automaker is moving away from third-party body shops.

Last year, Tesla announced that it was working on service in North America; it is aiming to make the majority of appointments same-day repairs. As we noted, it is much needed since Tesla’s customer fleet is growing at a much faster pace than its service infrastructure.

We later learned that Tesla’s service problem was much bigger than we anticipated, as we reported that the automaker was going as far as sending untrained employees from other departments to work on cars.

Electrek also obtained details about Tesla’s plan to “revolutionize” vehicle service with bigger service centers and more specializations.

Now Tesla is ramping up hiring in service in California just after a significant price drop that has resulted in an important surge in demand.

California is Tesla’s biggest market in the US, and a lot of the new demand is expected to come from the state.

In 2022, electric vehicle sales increased by 60% in California, and Tesla was leading the increase with over 72% market share in the state.

Over 200,000 Tesla vehicles were added to California roads over the last year, and Tesla is expected to add a lot more in 2023 – hence the investment in service to keep up with the growing fleet.

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