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Yorkshire and Humber AHSN shares eight innovators taking part in Propel@YH Boot Camp – htn

The Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) has announced that eight innovators from the Nordic region are to be part of the second international Propel@YH Boot Camp.

Propel@YH Boot Camp, run by Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, seeks to bring health innovations from around the world into the UK, and for the Yorkshire and Humber region to be the first to make use of them.

The aim is to build strategic partnerships with international bodies to encourage investment, grow opportunities and for patients to benefit from new technologies. Following the bootcamp in 2022, three out of five companies who took part of the programme have created their UK headquarters in Leeds.

The enterprises that have been selected are:

  • Cuviva, a communication platform for individually adapted care in the home, with a focus on frail and elderly patients along with patients suffering from multi-illnesses.
  • Dignacare (Senscom), a flexible sensor attached to the outside of an incontinence product to notify need to change the product via an app.
  • Leviosa, a solution aiming to improve the documentation module interface for clinicians, with use of smart technology such as templates, dynamic forms, natural language processing, AI and augmentation.
  • Lifeness, a cloud-based medical platform designed to improve ease of follow-up for people with obesity and lifestyle diseases.
  • Njord Medtech, developing new outcome-based solutions focusing on patient and stakeholder context including Atle 180, a patient transfer device designed to reduce physical burden for caregivers.
  • Smart Crowding, a SaaS system aiming to enhance hospitals and trusts with operational leadership regarding patient flow management and resource planning.
  • Thula, building innovative solutions through collaboration with relevant professionals across Europe in order to provide software solutions to the healthcare sector.
  • Visikon, with My Treatment, a digital health educator developed in collaboration with clinical experts and offering a “simple visual universe” to educate patients on what to expect before, during and after treatment.

The organisations will take part in a range of workshops, networking events and masterclasses throughout Leeds. The programme content will focus on NHS governance, finance and procurement frameworks, how the NHS works, developing evidence-based proposals and reimbursement models and clinical safety and supplier regulations.

There will also be access to AHSN’s partners who have specific skills related to the programme, including Barclays Eagle Labs; Hill Dickinson; Nexus, University of Leeds; Leeds City Council; and West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

Neville Young, Director of Enterprise and Innovation at the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN said: “It’s great to see innovative companies from across the globe wanting to bring their products to the UK, particularly here in Yorkshire and the Humber. As part of our mission to support economic growth and improve the health and wellbeing of our region, the Propel@YH Boot Camp helps secure investment and jobs by attracting these businesses to the NHS market.

“If we can successfully support these innovators to establish themselves in Yorkshire, we can use the great regional assets we have available to us and the strength of the AHSN Network to spread these innovations across the country, securing investment, jobs and health and wellbeing benefits for the whole of the UK.”

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