Polestar 4 apparently spotted in China as sporty Tesla Model Y challenger

Polestar’s sporty SUV coupe, slated to compete with the Tesla Model Y, was reportedly spotted for the first time in China. The Polestar 4 is the automaker’s second electric SUV in an exciting lineup of vehicles.

Spy shots of the Polestar 4 test vehicle in China

Polestar has one of the industry’s most intriguing pipelines of upcoming electric vehicles. In 2021, Polestar released its first fully electric car, the Polestar 2, putting the brand on the map as a real contender in the new age of EVs.

After several months of anticipation, Polestar unveiled its first electric SUV in October, the Polestar 3, further solidifying the company’s position in the industry.

The electric SUV features a unique Scandinavian minimalist design, up to 300 miles range, and starts at $83,800. Although these are both incredible vehicles inside and out that continue gaining in popularity across the globe, Polestar has even more excitement coming.

This brings us to the Polestar 4, the company’s second electric SUV that will compete below the Polestar 3’s starting price. It will be slightly smaller, lower to the ground, and resembles “a bit more of the coupe-type roofline.”

New spy photos from China claim to be the first images of the Polestar 4 spotted out on the road. The photos are from a Weebo user that says the electric SUV was part of a convoy alongside a Lotus Type 133 and other Geely electric models.

Although it’s just a test vehicle (according to the photographer), you can see the vehicle’s unique build that resembles a smaller Polestar 3 with that “coupe-type” roofline.

The Polestar 4 looks to challenge Tesla’s Model Y with an expected price range of around $55,400, slated to launch later this year. The Weebo user that spotted the Polestar 4 says its wheelbase and chassis are similar to that of the Zeekr 001 but has a slightly shorter overall length. The Zeekr 001 features a length of 4,970 mm (195.7 in) for comparison.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear more about Polestar’s upcoming electric SUV.

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