REE Automotive taps Microvast as battery supplier to its modular EV platforms

EV mobility developer REE Automotive has publicly revealed who will supply the battery packs to its modular platforms. Microvast has signed a supply agreement with REE to provide its high-energy lithium-ion battery packs to “Powered by REE” modular EV technology as the latter works to bring commercial EVs to market, beginning with the P7 platform.

REE Automotive ($REE) is an e-mobility solutions company headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, but has additional offices in the UK and Germany that will soon be joined by a new US headquarters planned for Austin, Texas.

REE specializes in developing and manufacturing modular battery EV platforms for B2B transactions that are mobilized by its proprietary REEcorner technology. These corners integrate all the traditional drive components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into the arch of the wheel.

The company’s first EV platform to debut was the P7 chassis, which has since been topped with a van body developed by EAVX and Morgan Olson. Most recently, REE unveiled its own Class 3 box truck on the P7 as well.

Although REE Automotive did not have its own booth at CES earlier this year, a REEcorner was on display at Infineon’s footprint, and I got the chance to see it up close for the first time. One of my first questions to the team was who REE’s battery supplier was but was told the company wasn’t sharing that information at the time.

A few weeks have passed since and REE Automotive has publicly announced Microsoft Microvast ($MVST) as its EV battery supplier as part of a new agreement.

REE platforms powered by Microvast’s Gen 4 battery packs

The companies shared details of their supply and purchase agreement this morning, in which Microvast Holdings, Inc. will provide its MV-C Gen 4 HpCO lithium-ion battery packs to REE EV platforms, beginning the aforementioned P7.

REE states that Microvast’s vertical integration capabilities will allow the battery manufacturer to provide the necessary chemistry and proprietary technology to satisfy its performance requirements in terms of power, density, charging time (full charge in 30 mins), and battery cycle life. Microvast’s chief revenue officer Sascha Kelterborn spoke to the technology REE will receive:

Microvast’s MV-C Gen 4 battery pack is a great fit for REE. It’s specifically designed to address the requirements of commercial vehicle fleets.” The newly developed MV-C Gen 4 battery pack contains Microvast’s high-energy HpCO 53.5Ah pouch cells, delivering approximately 27% more energy and power when compared to Microvast‘s previous battery generation. It also features improved thermal management and safety controls, fulfilling the upcoming safety standards regarding thermal runaway.

The Microvast battery packs will debut on REE’s P7 platform, but both companies state that the battery developer’s modular systems will allow the implementation of packs throughout REE’s lineup of EV platforms designed to serve Classes 1 through 6. REE cofounder and CEO Daniel Barel also shared his thoughts on the new supply agreement:

As we remain laser-focused on bringing to market commercial vehicles powered by REE’s P7 platform, we are pleased to offer a turn-key solution with the flexible, high-tech, and industry-leading performance capabilities of Microvast’s battery systems. Through this collaboration, customers such as fleet owners and delivery and logistics companies will benefit from REE’s commercial EVs, which are expected to be tailored to their needs with long-lasting, fast-charging batteries.

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