Watch the longest-range EVs battle to see how far they last on a single charge

Electric vehicle range continues improving, with many automakers now offering models with over 300 to 400 miles on a single charge. Watch some of the longest-range EVs battle it out to see which travels the farthest from 100% battery charge to completely empty.

Longest-range EVs battle it out until dead

You wouldn’t typically drive an electric vehicle until it was completely dead, but that’s exactly what Carwow did in their latest video to see which of the longest-range EVs can go the farthest on a single charge.

According to the US Department of Energy, the number of EVs in the United States offering at least 300 miles of range tripled in 2022 compared to the previous year. Extended-range EVs are rolling out globally, putting the EV “range anxiety” myth to bed once and for all.

For this run, Carwow chose the longest-range EVs sold right now in the UK from several different brands that claim to be able to drive the farthest.

The lineup includes the Ford Mustang Mach-E, powered by a 91kWh (extended-range) battery with a claimed range of 372 miles. Then, the BMW iX, with a claimed range of 380 miles from a 108 kWh battery.

Next up is the revised 79 kWh battery-powered Tesla Model 3, which the company says can travel 389 miles. And finally, the Mercedes EQS, with a whopping claimed range of 464 miles powered by its 108 kWh battery.

To see how long these EVs last on a full charge, they drove them from Oxford, UK, to see if they could reach Scotland before the battery was dead.

The video is 45 minutes long, so I’ll give you the rundown. Starting off, the Ford Mustang Mach-E showed a 315-mile range, the Mercedes 393 miles, the Tesla 345 miles, and the BMW 303 miles range.

The rules included driving all EVs in the normal driving modes using cruise control when possible to maintain a steady speed.

In addition, climate controls were set the same with the air conditioning on, but no heated seats or steering wheels to maintain consistency. After a long day of driving, it was the Mercedes EQS that took the crown, traveling 324 miles (72% of its claimed range), followed by the BMW iX with 303 miles, the Tesla Model 3 with 290 miles, and the Ford Mach-E drove 288 miles.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 had the best energy consumption at 4.1 mi/kWh, while the BMW iX had the worst at 2.7 mi/kWh.

Electrek’s Take

Although there are a ton of variables that could happen while driving such a long distance (traffic, stops, etc), the biggest takeaway from the video highlights the long-range capabilities of modern electric vehicles.

Not many people drive from Oxford to Scotland each day or require such a long-range EV. As the technology continues to progress and automakers pour investments into zero-emission mobility, you can expect even longer-range, more efficient models to hit the market over the next few years.

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