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Open Medical partners with Tamer Group to offer digital transformation solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – htn

Open Medical has partnered with Tamer Group in order to offer digital transformation solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), with the aim of supporting KSA on their healthcare transformation journey.

Tamer Group is an integrated healthcare and wellness group within Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa. They offer a range of products and services designed to contribute to personal wellness and public health, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices, nutrition and baby health, along with digital platform, e-commerce and logistics capabilities.

Open Medical has stated that they aim to support “the forward-thinking visionaries of the KSA in their drive to redefine the quality and efficiency of healthcare” through collaboration and tailored digital transformation.

Some of the expected benefits shared by Open Medical include improved patient outcomes through shortening waiting times and minimising travel and cancellations; cost savings through boosted efficiencies and maximisation of resource utilisation; interoperability with comprehensive integrated care; end-to-end solutions to streamline processes and tackle challenges; and the enablement of real-time communication between multidisciplinary teams.

In addition, the partnership is to see the provision of scalable modular architecture; continuous improvements and innovation to future-proof systems; cloud-based technology to increase accessibility of solutions; data-driven care with granular, structured, SNOMED CT coded data captured at point of entry in a secure and safe environment; and the reduction of carbon footprint through virtual healthcare.

Dr Michael Shenouda, Commercial Director at Open Medical, commented: “This collaboration with Tamer Group, a prestigious and internationally respected  distribution partner, will allow us to support healthcare providers and payers in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manage their patient pathways and workflows through innovative solutions, using the latest technology in digital transformation. Our vision is to increase accessibility to evidence-based technology that has been demonstrated to improve patient care and outcomes. We are confident that this collaboration will enable us to scale our offering into the Kingdom.”

HTN recently spoke to Open Medical’s Managing Director Harry Lykostratis on cyber and data security here; and Director of Innovation Piyush Mahapatra on clinical digital innovation here.

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