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High-Performance Computing Breaks the Genomics Bottleneck

Sequencing our 3.2 billion DNA base pairs is becoming increasingly crucial as genomic testing gains widespread acceptance.

Advancements in genomics are improving the detection of mutations that can lead to illnesses, with the potential to revolutionize personalized medicine by enabling the development of more effective treatments for genetic disorders.

High-performance computing is revolutionizing the field of genomics by accelerating the speed of analysis and processing of large-scale gene sequencing data sets.

However, genomics is facing a massive Big Data problem. Scientists are struggling to process a growing volume of data as precision medicine turns to gene sequencing for individual patients.

By leveraging the compute power of graphics processing units, geneticists can speed up analysis and reduce the cost of processing the huge amounts of data produced by gene sequencing.

NVIDIA is among the companies offering GPU-based HPC solutions.

NVIDIA’s Clara Parabricks is a GPU-accelerated computational genomics toolkit that supports analytical workflows for next-generation sequencing, including short- and long-read applications. The toolkit is designed for analyzing genomic data after it comes off the sequencer and turning it into interpretable data.

EXPLORE: How NVIDIA helps healthcare organizations unlock patient data.

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