Is GM planning to take on the Bronco with an electric 4×4?

General Motors (GM) may have a trick up its sleeve to take on Ford’s iconic Bronco, and it’s not a gas-powered one. Instead, GM president Mark Reuss recently alluded to the idea of an electric 4×4.

GM dismisses ICE Bronco-rival, but electric is on the table

Since relaunching the Bronco in 2020, Ford has captured the attention of off-road enthusiasts by stealing thunder from the Jeep Wrangler and other gas-powered 4×4 models, but that may not be the case for long.

Although Ruess told The Drive, “I’m not gonna do a Bronco,” he did leave the door open for an electric 4×4.

Reuss had several reasons why the company would not be chasing Ford with a Bronco-like gas vehicle. For one, he knew GM would be “late to the party” as it can take several years to get to market. By then, nobody will want it.

As consumer preference continues trending toward zero-emission EVs quicker than most predicted, automakers are racing to claim their share of the surging market. And the trend will only continue accelerating, leaving no reason to develop a new gas-powered vehicle at this point in time.

GM already has several mass-market electric SUVs in the pipeline with the 2024 Chevy Blazer and 2024 Equinox models, but none with designated off-road capabilities (unless you count the massive Hummer EV).

In fact, there are no electric rivals to Ford’s Bronco currently on the market. Jeep has plans for an electric Recon, with everything its 4×4 models offer, only with zero emissions.

Volkswagen is expected to reveal Scout-brand EVs, but that still leaves room for an electric 4×4 as interest in off-road capabilities continues building. When asked if GM was making a 4×4 with a battery, Reuss responded, “I didn’t say that.” In other words, don’t quote me on it.

Electrek’s Take

Although Reuss didn’t confirm an electric 4×4, he also didn’t dent it. While it’s unclear if it would be a direct competitor to Ford’s Bronco, it seems it could be in the same discussion.

GM already has a highly flexible dedicated EV platform with its Ultium architecture, making it a suitable candidate. Audi is another automaker that has recently hinted at the idea of an electric 4×4, although it would compete with Mercedes and Land Rover.

If GM were to introduce an electric 4×4, it likely wouldn’t be for another few years, with several highly anticipated launches coming up this year and next.

What do you guys think? Should GM go after the Bronco with an electric 4×4? We’ll update you when we hear more.

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