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Medway NHS FT seeks views on new digital, data and technology strategy – htn

Medway NHS Foundation Trust is seeking views from the general public about its upcoming Digital, Data and Technology Strategy. With this in mind, the trust has published a short survey, designed to help build an understanding of patient views on digital, data and technology, including how patients use technology to support their care and experience in hospital.

The new strategy aims to use digital, data and technology to “improve safety and efficiency, reduce inequalities and improve access to healthcare” for the population of Medway and Swale. The trust says that it will “reflect feedback received from all stakeholders through engagement, including our staff, partners, patients and our local population”.

The six things that the trust hopes to achieve with its new digital strategy include improving the digital culture within the trust; making information available at the right time and place for staff and patients; ensuring data is secure and that both staff and patients have confidence that information is “robustly protected”; embracing innovation such as AI to improve services; providing sustainable and efficient solutions and services; and becoming the best it can be, benchmarking against others and NHSE schemes such as the Digital Maturity Assessment.

Patients are encouraged to complete the trust’s short survey, which consists of 12 questions and is estimated to take between five and ten minutes to complete. An optional section, which asks patients about themselves, is intended to help the trust identify any groups of underrepresented people it needs to hear more from.

Earlier this month, Public Health Wales launched a new digital and data strategy to enhance health data accessibility, quality, and security, acting as an enabling strategy to deliver its long term public health strategy.

In our deep dive into digital transformation and change in Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and Sussex, we explored three recently released strategies from integrated care systems, to learn more about their plans for using digital and data.

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