Tesla Model 3 Performance resfresh spotted in the wild

An updated Tesla Model 3 Performance with a refreshed design has been spotted in the wild ahead of the launch.

Over the last six months, Tesla has gradually released the refreshed Model 3, also known as Model 3 Highland.

The new vehicle features an updated interior and exterior design, as well as a few new features, and was first released in Europe and Asia last summer.

It took a while, but it was finally launched in North America just earlier this month.

With the update, Tesla only brought back the RWD Standard Range and Dual Motor Long Range versions of Model 3.

But the automaker also used to sell the quicker and sportier Model 3 Performance before the refresh.

We know that a new version of the top-of-the-line Model 3 is coming.

Late last year, it was confirmed that the automaker was planning a new performance version of the Model 3 Highland with new badges showing up in the updated Tesla parts catalog.

Tesla also updated the renderings in its app with new sports seats that are expected to be meant for the new Model 3 Performance.

Now, a new Tesla Model 3 Performance prototype was spotted driving around San Francisco:

The Model 3 is clearly sporting performance brake calipers, which have always been one of the few different parts on the performance version of the Model 3 compared to the lower-end versions of the electric sedan.

The prototype has camouflage in the front and back, which is interesting, considering the updated design was already revealed on the other trims.

It could potentially mean that the new Model 3 Performance has additional body modifications.

Some internet sleuths are arguing that the prototypes appear to have a more aggressive front splitter:

It seems like a reasonable assumption, although it’s difficult to see with the camouflage on the prototype.

We don’t know exactly when Tesla plans to release the new Model 3 Performance, but the hints are starting to add up in the last few months.

Currently, the Model S Plaid is Tesla’s top performance car, but many enthusiasts prefer the Model 3 Performance because it is much lighter. It will be interesting to see what Tesla has put together for the new version of the electric car.

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