Kia slashes EV6, EV9 prices by up to $10K in Korea to boost demand

In what Kia is calling “EV Festa,” the automaker is slashing prices on its all-electric models, including the EV6, EV9, and Niro EV in Korea, by up to $10,000 (KRW 13.56 million).

Kia cuts EV prices in South Korea

Kia revealed it will hold what it’s calling “EV Festa” to boost electric vehicle output and give additional benefits to shoppers.

The program is in line with new government subsidies for electric cars. Kia is offering big manufacturing discounts on some of its most popular electric vehicles, including the EV6, EV9, and Niro EV.

A Kia official said, “We have prepared special benefits in connection with government policy to expand the distribution of electric vehicles.”

Kia is offering KRW 3 million ($2,250) off the EV6, KRW 3.5 million ($2,620) off the EV9, and KRW 1 million for the Niro EV.

For those living in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, where local subsidies were introduced last week, the purchase price difference is as follows.

Kia electric model New price
(with subsidies)
Old price Difference
EV6 Long Range
(2WD 19″)
KRW 39.04 million
KRW 52.6 million
KRW 13.56 million
(2WD 19″)
KRW 65.19 million
KRW 73.37 million
KRW 8.18 million
Niro EV Air
(2WD 19″)
KRW 38.08 million
KRW 48.55 million
KRW 10.47 million
Kia EV prices and discounts in Korea

The new Kia EV in Korea prices include government subsidies of KRW 6.3 million ($4,730) on the EV6, KRW 3.01 million ($2,260) on the EV9, and KRW 5.81 million won ($4,360) on the Niro EV.

Jeju local government subsidies take off an extra KRW 3.87 million ($2,900) on the EV6, KRW 1.85 million ($1,400) on the EV9 and KRW 3.56 million ($2,675) on the Niro EV.

Kia EV6 GT (Source: Kia)

Small business owners or those working in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and forest that buy a Bongo EV (electric pickup) are eligible for a KRW 700,000 ($525) charging discount or KRW 300,000 ($225) on the purchase price if no charger is selected.

Kia also set a deferral rate of up to 60% for 36 months and a maximum of 45% for 48 months when paying with a Hyundai M series card to lower the threshold to own an EV.

2024 Kia EV9 GT Line (Source: Kia)

In the US, Kia’s first electric three-row SUV is already generating hype. After launching deliveries late last year, Kia handed over 1,118 EV9s in December and another 1,408 last month. Kia expects to sell around 2,000 EV9s monthly.

Kia EV9 interior (Source: Kia)

Kia’s three-row electric SUV features 42.8″ of rear legroom. That’s more than the Cadillac Escalade, 3-row Range Rover P400, and Mercedes EQS.

With starting prices under $55,000, Kia calls the EV9 a “wake-up call to the industry.” The large electric SUV is expected to play a key role in Kia’s shift to electric.

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