Mercedes is upgrading the EQS with more range and a more classic grille design option

Mercedes is going back to its roots with the upgraded EQS. The new Mercedes EQS luxury sedan will feature an improved battery for more range and the option for a more classic grille design.

After backtracking on its goal of going all-electric by the end of the decade, “where market conditions allow,” Mercedes plans to build gas-powered cars “well into the 2030s.”

Part of this plan to revamp the brand includes offering a classic Mercedes grille design on the new EQS model. The upgraded EQS will be offered with the option of either Mercedes’ new three-point star embedded into the futuristic-looking grille or a design closer to the classic emblem mounted on the hood.

CEO Ola Kallenius said on the company’s earnings call, “Some will want to keep a more sporty look and have the star integrated in the panel.”

Meanwhile, others, “we believe will want to have the more traditional look,” according to Kallenius.
Mercedes’ leader added the upgraded model will include an improved battery for more range.

Mercedes EQS sedan’s current grille design (Source: Mercedes-Benz)

New Mercedes EQS sedan launching soon

The new EQS will launch this June. Vehicles with the improved battery will go into production ahead of that, according to Kallenius.

Mercedes’s new electric luxury sedan will likely take the 118 kWh battery installed in the upgraded EQS SUV. The improved battery adds 31 miles of range, which could push the new EQS sedan upwards of 400 miles (EPA-est).

Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan (Source: Mercedes-Benz)

The move comes after sales of the electric EQS fell last year. In the US, Mercedes EQS sedan sales fell 40% in Q4, with just over 1,049 units sold.

Mercedes looks to pull in buyers with a traditional grille design and upgraded battery for more range. The new grilled design should fit the brand well as it targets those looking for less of a futuristic design.


During an event with analysts, Mercedes appeared to show the new grille pictured next to the S-Class (pictured above).

Kallenius stressed on the call that the EV market is not cooling as some are insisting. Mercedes is still “pushing ahead” and “investing on a high level.” As Kallenius explained, “As an incumbent, you need a double hedge” as the reason for the dialed-back target.

The brand seems to be reverting back to old ways as it looks to regain buyers with sales of its flagship EV slipping.

Source: Autocar, Mercedes-Benz

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