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Promptly Health secures £11m NHS Wales contract to manage national patient-centred outcomes data – htn

Promptly Health has secured an £11 million three-year contract to manage national patient-centred outcomes data for NHS Wales, following a procurement process which focused on assessment of capabilities around patient accessibility, innovativeness, data security and interoperability.

The new contract accompanies NHS Wales’ plans to expand outcomes collection capabilities within the wider health system, to build a stronger interoperability with digital health products such as the NHS Portal, and to standardise harmonisation to the NHS Wales Data Dictionary, to enable “faster and higher-quality analytics and research”.

The contract is to run over three years, with potential for a further extension of two years.

Pedro Ramos, CEO at Promptly Health, comments: “We are thrilled to be supporting the NHS Wales vision to achieve world leading health outcomes for the people of Wales in a financially sustainable way. This contract emphasises our strong commitment to fulfil our mission of making health outcomes available and aligns with our broader work with partners in the UK for delivering real-world evidence that can be used for shared decision making by patients and healthcare professionals, and for patient-focused research and development.”

Pedro added: “We now expect to witness other large-sized partnerships for health system data collection and sharing technology, with the acceleration of the Secure Data Environments in the UK and the European Health Data Space in Europe, for which we are serving as an industry advisor.”

In related news, Digital Health and Care Wales has opened an opportunity stating its intention to procure a medicines information solution and drugs tool, at an estimated value of more than £1.4 million. The procured solution will be a single application interface, aiming to be easily accessible to staff, which will help bring users up-to-date information and assessments on drugs and medicines.

Also from Wales, Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) has published its draft organisational strategy 2024-2030, setting out strategic objectives for digital across health and care, including infrastructure, data platform, open architecture, digital services, digital health and care records, research, innovation and workforce, along with a request for views from partners and stakeholders.

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