Drone maker DJI shows teaser for first electric bike

It sounds a bit out of left field, but there’s not really any other way to interpret a new teaser posted by drone maker DJI on the brand’s Instagram. It looks like DJI has an electric bicycle in the works.

And not just any e-bike, but a mid-drive electric bike, at that.

Mid-drive electric bicycles, which mount their motor by the pedals instead of in the wheel hub, are generally seen as higher-end and more refined due to the better balance and power delivery offered by centrally mounted motors. However, that added complication also often comes with added cost.

In the DJI teaser posted to the brand’s Instagram account (embedded below), an electric bicycle mid-drive motor is seen in an exploded view, falling into place on the frame of some type of bicycle. The image doesn’t show much of the bike frame, making it hard to tell in what direction DJI may be heading with their two-wheeled plans.

Other than the name “DJI Avinox” inscribed on the motor casing, we don’t know much else about the drive system. However, it looks like DJI will be making an official announcement about the upcoming product on July 3, so we expect to learn more soon.

While DJI is best known for its consumer and pro-level drones, the company has greatly expanded in recent years to leverage much of its filming tech into the wider videography industry. We’ve seen DJI roll out stabilized cameras and action cameras, as well as wireless audio systems and other filming accessories.

But this would mark a new direction for DJI, potentially expanding into the consumer personal transportation space.

E-bikes have become a prime market for brand expansions, with significant incursions from both the automotive industry and from consumer electronics brands.

Hundreds of unique e-bike brands are available the US market alone, with thousands around the world all competing for a share of the quickly growing market.

Without any single major player yet dominating the e-bike space, the fragmented market has proven ripe for experimentation by established brands and newcomers alike.

DJI, renowned for its drone technology and innovative consumer electronics, is well-positioned to make a run at that growing electric bicycle market. Leveraging its expertise in advanced aerodynamics, battery management, and compact yet powerful motors, DJI could potentially develop an e-bike or motor system that offers superior performance, efficiency, and user experience. The company’s strong track record of integrating sophisticated software and hardware could also lead to significant advancements in intelligent features.

Furthermore, DJI’s extensive experience in creating user-friendly interfaces and robust mobile applications could translate well into the e-bike space. Imagine an electric bicycle equipped with smart controls, real-time diagnostics, and seamless connectivity to mobile devices, allowing riders to optimize their routes, monitor battery health, and enhance safety features.

DJI’s potential to incorporate drone-like automation and AI technology into e-bikes could lead to innovations such as automatic obstacle avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and advanced theft prevention systems. Given its history of pushing technological boundaries, DJI’s foray into electric bicycles could be an exciting chance to deliver a product that is technologically advanced in a way not yet seen before in the industry.

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