ChatGPT-4o integrated into Zepp Health’s smartwatch OS and more briefs

Latest Zepp OS runs on ChatGPT-4o 

China-based connected health technology firm Zepp Health has released the newest version of its smartwatch operating system, Zepp OS, which now runs on OpenAI’s latest GPT model. 

Integrated with ChatGPT-4o, Zepp OS introduces an upgraded Zepp Flow voice assistant, which allows users to control their devices through voice commands without using specific keywords or physical touch.  This includes replying to WhatsApp messages and initiating Bluetooth phone calls.

Currently, users can also reply in spoken English and German; voice replies in other languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese, will be rolled out in late July. 

Kakao Healthcare joins KMI’s diabetes screening

Kakao Healthcare has recently joined the diabetes screening initiative of the Korea Medical Institute (KMI).

KMI screens people for chronic conditions in eight health screening centres nationwide. Kakao Healthcare agreed to contribute to KMI’s diabetes screening programme, providing access to its AI-powered mobile diabetes management solution, Pasta

Fellow Korean company Salus Care is also chipping in by enabling diabetes screening booking and results viewing via its Vitaport platform. 

Based on a press release, the trio aims to detect people at high risk of diabetes early and help prevent its development among pre-diabetic individuals. About 5.7 million people in South Korea are now living with diabetes while 15 million people are said to be pre-diabetic. 

Dozee powers RPM at Yashoda Hospital

The Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital in the Kaushabi district of the Indian state Uttar Pradesh has recently launched its patient monitoring programme featuring Dozee’s AI-based solution.

Yashoda’s SmartCare Monitoring Programme is underpinned by Dozee’s remote patient monitoring and early warning system. Consisting of a sensor sheet under the mattress and the Dozee pod, the RPM solution will be integrated into all ward beds of the hospital, enabling contactless and remote monitoring of vital parameters, including heart rate and ECG, to address patient deterioration early. 

“Through the ‘SmartCare Monitoring’ Programme, we are equipping our healthcare providers with the ability to monitor patient vitals in real-time, enabling us to swiftly detect any clinical decline and take proactive measures to reduce code blues,” explained Yashoda Hospital managing director Dr Upasana Arora.

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