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Empowering the flow: exclusive Radiologist interviews show clinicians sharing “my life in flow” – htn

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At AGFA HealthCare, we are transforming the delivery of care – supporting healthcare professionals across the globe with secure, effective, and sustainable imaging data management. Our focus on creating an exceptional experience through the power of technology has profiled us as an Empowerer in industry; we have reached the podium where we can radiate a life in flow to the market, and importantly, to our valued customers.

New for 2024, we are delighted to show true leverage of flow within our customer insights. Hosted by Chief Clinical Information Officer for AGFA HealthCare, Dr Nick Spencer, we have extracted some key insights from Enterprise Imaging users, illustrating how they find their life in flow in a series of videocasts.

In our first release, let us introduce you to Dr Matteo Fronza.

Dr Fronza is a Consultant Radiologist, specialising in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging, based in the UK. Working for the NHS, the world’s largest single healthcare system, Dr Fronza is regular user of the Enterprise Imaging Platform. As a radiology professional for an enterprising healthcare provider, he is privy to seeing world-class technologies spanning across an entire hospital eco-system.

Speaking to Dr Spencer, Matteo gives his view on the day-to-day working practices of a Radiologist – a routine user of the AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform who, whilst working in the UK’s NHS sector, finds his life in flow.

See Dr Fronza’s My life in flow videocast below, find out more about the My life in flow campaign here, and explore our Enterprise Imaging Platform.

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